Exploring the Riverdance phenomenon BBC Radio 2 Documentary

Exploring the Riverdance phenomenon: BBC Radio 2 Documentary



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Exploring the Riverdance phenomenon.  (Playing time: 56 minutes )


In 1994 a cast of Irish dancers stole the show at the Eurovision Song Contest with their story of the Irish people expressed through music, song and traditional dance. But it was Irish dance as it had never been seen before – modern, glamorous and sexy. The show was developed into a box office phenomenon and Riverdance became a symbol of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger era.

It hasn’t been all plain sailing of course. Principal dancer and choreographer Michael Flatley left the show in 1996, after creative differences with the producers. But now, approaching its 18th year, the show continues to play to full houses around the world. Ryan finds out how it all came about, and considers the legacy of Riverdance, as Ireland’s boom years become a distant memory.

Contributors include composer Bill Whelan, producer Moya Doherty and some of the dancers and musicians who have been with the show from the beginning; and there are further archive contributions from Michael Flatley and Terry Wogan.

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