Interview with Riverdance Lead Padraic Moyles - Riverdance

Interview with Riverdance Lead Padraic Moyles

Name: Padraic Moyles
Nationality: Irish

At what age did you start Irish Dancing?
I started dancing at age 3 in Dublin and when I moved to America I danced for Donny Golden.

What did you like most about Irish Dancing?
Well at first I didn´t like it all that much but after a few years of competing and travelling around I began to really like it. That and the fact that the girls outnumber the guys about 15 to 1.

When and why did you decide you wanted to be in Riverdance?
When I saw Riverdance in Radio City Music Hall I thought it was great. Then I said to myself it would be cool to be part of that.

Where did you audition and what was it like?
I heard about auditions the night before so I cut school the next day and drove to Boston. Colin Dunne and Kevin McCormack auditioned me, enough said.

How did you feel when you heard you had been offered a place in the show?
Happy I guess!

Favorite part of the show?
I love performing in Trading Taps, that´s my favorite number in the show. I also love the end of the show, knowing I am finished for the night.

Best Riverdance moment?
Performing the principal role for the first time. I never told my mum I was an understudy so she flew out to me for my first time not knowing I would be lead. It was pretty cool.

Most embarrassing Riverdance moment?
The time in Chicago while I was doing lead I slipped on the dry ice and and got knocked out. To help matters my friend and colleague Mark O´Loughlin kicked me in the back of the head while I was already down and out!

Do you have any rituals you have to do before going onstage?
I have too many to list but I´m sure many of the other troupe members have listed some of them. I have rituals such as handshakes, prayers, warm up routines and many other little things.

If you could only take 2 comfort things on tour what would they be?
My computer so I can keep track of the premiership and my golf clubs.

What do you do in your free time on tour?
I love going out for a round of golf with the lads and Dioreanne. I also like a few games of FIFA and Texas holdem´ poker.

What´s the question you are asked the most when people realize you are a Riverdancer?
It´s hard to say which question I get asked more I guess there´s a few like ´How do your feet move so fast?´ or ´Do you know that Michael Flatley guy´ or ´How long have you been doing this?´

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