Interview with Riverdance Lead Caterina Coyne - Riverdance

Interview with Riverdance Lead Caterina Coyne


Name: Caterina Coyne
Nationality: English

What’s it like getting up on the stage and performing to hundreds of people?
It really is an amazing experience, one that is hard to put into words. You have all this energy and adrenaline before the show and then when you get out there on stage and perform its the reaction of the audience and the smiles and energy from them that make it such a wonderful experience. Its a good feeling to know that you are doing what you love to do!

Do you have to be a champ to get into the shows?
No, you don´t have to be a world champion or title holder to dance in the show. If you have the talent and passion for dancing that will always shine through on stage

Do you find you suffer from pains – rheumatic, arthritic pains, at all? How do you try to prevent this?
Some nights after the show your legs will hurt or they feel tired. I ice my legs after each performance which takes care of any inflammation that may have occurred and then I have a nice bath to relax when I get home. I always do a good warm up and stretching before the show then cool down and stretching again after which is just as important to prevent injurys.

Do you have any healthy eating tips for keeping energy levels up while you perform?
I have to look after myself while on tour and doing the show it’s very important to eat right and stay healthy. For me I eat little and often as I find it hard to have a big meal just before I dance, but everyone is different and that works for me. The main thing is to get plenty of fruit and vegetables along with healthy Carbs to give me energy. Then on my day off I can treat myself to a few of my favourite things like pizza and ice cream!!

How does it feel to be ambassadors for Irish Dancing across the world?
I feel very lucky and proud to be where I am today. I know a lot of girls in the dancing world dream of being in Riverdance and even becoming a lead and I try not to take anything for granted and count my blessings.

Do you get homesick and how do you overcome this?
When I’m on a long tour I do get homesick… I miss my family and close friends but with things like Skype it is made much easier and my family do try and visit which gives me something to look forward to also.

Is there a chance for someone who places but not necessarily very highly to get into Riverdance?
YES, Absolutely. Placing well in competitions is great but Riverdance is open to anyone that the Producers feel has the talent and dedication.

Does success come easily to you – did you always place well at the comps?
Success is never easy!! You have to work really hard to make it to the top in any career. I did place well in Competitions, but not always at the top but that only made me work harder and in the end made me become a better dancer because if it.

Did your mind ever go blank and is it really pressurised?
You do a lot of rehearsing when you join the show and while on tour that sometimes even if you find you’re not as focused on a certain day that your feet automatically do the steps!! The magic of Riverdance is seeing that line of dancers all in sync doing exactly the same thing, the only pressure you feel might be that you put on yourself, to better yourself to push yourself a little harder than the previous day… which is always good!

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