Broadway Opening Night 2000 - Riverdance

Broadway Opening Night 2000

Moya Doherty, Brian Kennedy & Bill Whelan

Pat Roddy & Eileen Martin

Lead Dancers Pat Roddy and Eileen Martin relaxed and sparkling for the cameras after bringing the opening night audience to their feet for an extended standing ovation!

Pat Roddy

Pat Roddy’s skill, athleticism and grace were highly praised in reviews of the opening. The New York Post describes him as having “peerless finesse and flash.”

There are few more heart-stopping sights…than the fast and furious chorus lines fronted by the spectacular footwork of Pat Roddy and Eileen Martin.” Daily News

Eileen Martin charms the audience in the Riverdance finale

Eileen “has a sweet smile that disarms theatregoers the minute she swirls on stage.” Associated Press.

Bill Whelan, John McColgan, Liam Neeson & Moya Doherty

Liam Neeson narrates the poetry voiceover in the new Broadway show; he attended the opening night in his capacity as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

All of Irish America was there including Patrick Bergin, the international film star of Irish descent.

Liam Neeson admitted that he was nervous about his speech as it would be so hard to top the talent that he had witnessed watching the show!

Liam rose to the occasion, thanking everyone in the cast for their wonderful performances and accepting the sizable donation presented by Bill, Moya and John for UNICEF. Liam Neeson reminds the audience that even the smallest donations could mean life saving benefits for children in developing countries.

Riverdance Homecoming 2000 Dublin