Episode four: Padraic Moyles - Riverdance

Episode four: Padraic Moyles

From the youngster who saw Riverdance on the Eurovision on a VHS tape in 1994 to aspiring dancer and lead star, Padraic Moyles has toured the world and stayed at the top of his profession for over a decade.

But he has now stepped off-stage, retired from dancing to be Riverdance’s Associate Director and on this week’s episode, he discusses the drug of the performance and trying to cope with missing that in the years since.

Find out what it takes to be so successful in Irish dancing for so long, the regime, the commitment and dedication to the physical and mental work that is needed for over 5,500 Riverdance appearances.

Plus, join Courtney Di Angelo for her dancer’s diary as the North American tour continues and Courtney makes it back home to Cleveland, Ohio.

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