Will Riverdance perform in my country or city soon?
Riverdance will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2020 with the New 25th Anniversary Show touring North America, UK, Europe China and throughout the world from January 2020.
In 2019, Riverdance will take a break from international touring in preparation for the 25th Anniversary celebrations. The show runs at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin and at the INEC, Killarney, Ireland in Summer 2019. The new tour dates will be announced on Riverdance.com/tours.
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How long will The Show last?
Approximately 2 hours  (that’s including the interval) for all  Riverdance shows.

I am going to see Riverdance soon, how can I meet the cast?
In  Dublin and Killarney, the Riverdance VIP Experience gives fans the opportunity to meet with the Riverdance dancers and musicians. Full details available on Riverdance VIP Experience.

How many Riverdance troupes are there and where are they touring?
Click on Meet the Cast for full cast information for each Riverdancetour

What do the names of the different troupes mean?
Each Riverdance production is named after a river in Ireland.
Previously there have been Riverdance companies named after the rivers Liffey, Lee, Lagan, Avoca, Shannon, Boyne, Corrib, Foyle, Moy, Bann and Barrow.

Riverdance Events
The Riverdance  Flying Squad’ is a dedicated team of Riverdance dancers and musicians who perform at worldwide events.
The Riverdance  Flying Squad performances comprise of excerpts from Riverdance.
The length of the performance and the number of artists that perform depends on the requirements of the client, the location of the event and the budget available.
Riverdance deals with requests from Public Relations and Event Management companies or directly with the main client.
Contact info@riverdance.com, outlining your interest/event and Riverdance will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Can you help me find an Irish Dancing teacher in my area?
You can find out about Irish Dancing schools from

CLRG – The Irish Dancing Commission
An Comhdhail – The Congress of Irish Dance Teachers
Irish Dancing Magazine

You can also contact the Commission for Irish Dancing for details at www.clrg.ie or An Comhdhail at comhdhail@irishdancingorg.com
Try to find teacher with their TCRGs (teaching qualifications) or equivalent.

How do I become a dancer in Riverdance?

Apply through the Riverdance Summer School
The Riverdance Summer School which runs each summer in Dublin and Boston is the now the main way in which dancers audition for Riverdance. Full details available on Riverdance.com/summerschool

Or apply directly:
Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and at championship level in Irish Dancing, preferably having recalled and/or placed at world level.
We accept both Coimisiun and Comdhail dancers.  Click here for details and online application

How do I apply for a singing / musician part in Riverdance?
Singers should submit their CV/resume along with a photograph and audio and if possible, a video recording. All singers should indicate their vocal range on the CV.
For the audio recording females should perform Cloudsong from Riverdance and a second song in a similar style, for example She Moved through the Fair.
Males should perform Lift the Wings, Heal their Hearts/Freedom from Riverdance and a second song that demonstrates their vocal range. All recordings must have some form of accompaniment, for example keyboard, harp or guitar. The video recording should feature the singer performing one of the above Riverdance songs.
Musicians should include a CV/resume, photograph, video and audio recording.
Please submit all applications to:
Music Department, Abhann Productions, 133 Capel Street, Dublin 1, D01 C8W9 Ireland
Email queries to info@riverdance.com

MAC provides the make-up for Riverdance   www.maccosmetics.com
Riverdance  Make Up
MAC Logo

Applicants must be at least 16 years of age and at championship level in Irish Dancing, preferably having recalled and/or placed at world level.We accept both Coimisiun and Comdhail dancers.

To be considered for our annual auditions you will need to email a full application to info@riverdance.com

Your application email should include:

1.A fully completed application form, this can be downloaded at …… Make sure to fill in a much as you can. Don’t leave any section blank, please write “None” or “Not Applicable” if appropriate.

2.A recent headshot and full-length photograph.

3.Video footage of the following:

·Hard shoe – Jig and/or Hornpipe – at least 32 bars (2 steps, right and left). No more that 48 bars required.

·Soft shoe – Reel for boys & Reel and/or Slip Jig for girls. 32 bars is adequate.

·You may also include a Treble Reel if you want.

·Additionally, if there is a piece from a professional Irish dance show that you would like to add, then please feel happy to do so. Please Note: Such a piece does not necessarily increase the applicant’s chances of success.

Video footage that does not contain the dances marked in BOLD above will not be considered.

A few tips for your recording:

·The camera work should be simple.

·Get someone who is good with cameras and has got a steady hand to shoot the footage.

·The entire dancer should be in view at all times.

·Make sure that both the rhythm of the feet and also the music can be heard, and that one does not drown out the other.

·Use of a digital (stills) camera that has the ability to capture small amounts of video, should be avoided as the number of frames per second are too few to accurately assess the dance.

How to submit your Video Footage:

Upload your video footage to YouTube and include the YouTube link/URL in your application form. Instructions on how to do this are listed below. PLEASE SET YOUR VIDEO FOOTAGE AS UNLISTED.

1.Sign into your YouTube Account or set up an account at http://www.youtube.com/create_account?next=%2F

2.Once your account is set up and you are signed in, Click the Upload link at the top of any YouTube page.

3.Click the Upload video button to browse for the video file you’d like to upload. Select the file you want to upload and click Open.

4.As the video file is uploading scroll down to the Broadcasting and Sharing Options and find the Privacy section.

5.You’ll see the option to make the video Public, Unlisted, or Private. SELECT UNLISTED

6.Enter your name as the name of the video.

7.Make sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page

8.Once the upload is complete copy the video’s URL into your application form.

Please Note: By setting your video to unlisted only people who know the link/URL of the video can view it. An unlisted video will not appear in any of YouTube’s public spaces such as search results, your channel, or the Browse page so your privacy will be protected.

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