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Farewell Riverdance, you will be missed

The band is comprised of only 5 musicians, but their talent is relentless as each of them resonates powerful and rich music through multiple instruments. Much credit should be given to Declan Masterson, as musical director for the show…. Last but not least, Mark Alfred is at the helm of the percussion section and takes over the stage as he plays every drum, symbol and chime. His drum kit seems endless as sound after sound emanates from his side of the stage. He also has an incredible solo session with the Bodhrán, a round Irish frame drum, where you wouldn’t believe the magnitude and range of sound that comes out of it.

Live in-studio interview and fiddle performance

Audio Clip – WGN Radio Live in-studio interview and fiddle performance on St Patrick’s Day, Saturday, March 17 in Chicago, with Rose Duffy and Declan Masterson.