Madrid Venue Fire

Riverdance – the Show which was due to open in Madrid for the first time ever on Thursday 28th June, was cancelled following a huge fire at Madrid’s premier arena Palacio de los Deportes earlier that morning. Thankfully no members of the Riverdance Liffey company were in the venue at the time.

Riverdance at the United Nations

Members of the cast of Riverdance-On Broadway were invited to perform at the opening of the United Nations’ exhibit commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster on Thursday, April 26 2001 at the U.N.

Politics meets Step Dancing

Politics and show business are never too far apart. Recently some Shannon cast members have been seen in political company, but as far as we know there are no potential candidates about to be announced, it’s just that some politicians are great at choosing the right entertainment.

Broadway Opening Night 2000

The premiere on Broadway has been a success and the Shannon Company live it up at the well deserved Opening Night party, at Cipirani’s in New York!