Catch up with Natasia Petracic - Riverdance

Catch up with Natasia Petracic

Hi everyone, my name is Natasia Petracic, I’m a Principal Dancer with Riverdance and I’m from Sydney, Australia.
Last year in March of 2020 the cast and crew of Riverdance were sent home due to the pandemic. Nobody could have anticipated how long this would carry out for, however, I knew that I needed to stay as connected to dance as much as possible during this time.
With my dance background in Ballet, Irish Dance, performance and Barre Pilates I decided to create a dance inspired workout called ‘Barre-Motion’. Barre motion is a workout that combines balletic movement with Pilates foundation all to aim to target the dancer technique, leg endurance and flexibility.
My motivation for creating Barre-Motion was to share my passion and knowledge of dance and movement with the dance community. Every week I host online classes, private lessons and workshops through zoom with dancers from all over the world, right here from Australia. It is so important to connect with each other during such an uncertain time. And I can’t wait to continue sharing my Barre-Motion journey with you and also to be back onstage with my Riverdance family at the end of the year.
Stay safe and Keep Dancing!

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