Is the Riverdance Summer School for you?

From rehearsals in China, Padraic Moyles takes time out to chat about the Riverdance Summer School activities and goals

Last Minute prep..

Our special guest dancer for this year’s Gaiety run Katie Murphy has only two days before her moment in the spotlight. Cue training montage!

#TalentTuesday with Maggie Darlington

Yoga – the ancient Indian discipline of quietly contorting your limbs whilst breathing gently..It’s essentially VERY SLOW dancing. Join Maggie for a mini session!

Olympic Fever is ‘Reel’

Peter Wilson and Darren Casey bring you all the latest from this years Riverdance Olympics Games .

Home Cooking Away from Home

From Shelf to George Foreman to Plate..Check out our #LifeHack for eating healthy for Riverdancers on Tour!

Working out with the Riverdance Leads!

Check out how the Riverdance Leads work out!

Warming up and Stretching the Riverdance way!

#MondayMotivation with the amazing Lead Dancer and Fitness Trainer Chloey Turner. This week its all about warming up and stretching!

Ab Club with the Riverdance Girls!

Riverdance Lead Dancer and qualified Fitness Instructor Chloey Turner shows you how to warm up like the professionals – This week Ab Club!!

Looking after your Hips (3/3)..The Build a Bum with Bob Workout!

The final installment of Fitness Guru and Lead Dancer Chloey Turners series on ‘Looking after your Hips’!

Looking after your Hips – Glute Activation!

Watch Fitness Guru and Lead Dancer Chloey Turners, second video in her three part series on the importance of looking after your hips!