Rocio Dusmet - Riverdance

Rocio Dusmet

Born in Madrid, Rocio began her professional career when she was eight years old. She graduated from the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance Mariemma in the specialty of Spanish Dance in Madrid. In 2012 Rocio was awarded the Spanish Dance Prize at the XVI National Call for Dance City of Castellón. Rocio has toured France, China, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, Russia, Latvia and the United Arab Emirates as a dancer in the companies of Aida Gómez, Ibérica de Danza, Ballet Carmen Mota”, Compañía Jesús Lozano, Inc. Ángel Manarre , and soloist dancer at the Festival d’Avignon. Her most recent work as a dancer and actress includes the musicals Dirty Dancing, Mickey’s Music Festival Disney and the Circus of Horrors.