The story behind the 1994 Eurovision interval act - Riverdance

The story behind the 1994 Eurovision interval act

On 30th April 1994, Riverdance burst onto the world stage as part of the ground-breaking production that was the Eurovision Song Contest, electrifying the thousands present in Dublin’s Point Theatre and 300 million TV viewers.

Conceived by producer, Moya Doherty with music composed by Bill Whelan and choreography by Michael Flatley, Jean Butler and Mavis Ascott. In just seven minutes, Riverdance changed the face of Irish Dance forever.

Moya Doherty said, “Just as my life changed with Eurovision 1994 so the cultural image of Ireland was also transformed. Irish culture, expressed in this case through dance and music, and as part of a wider, cultural awakening, took its place with confidence on the world stage.”.

This seven minute routine was expanded by Producer Moya Doherty and Director John McColgan, into a full show with an incredible score composed by Bill Whelan.

25 years on from that seminal moment, the show has become a beloved family favourite, celebrated the world over for its Grammy Award-winning music and the thrilling energy and passion of its Irish and international dance. Since its debut, over 3 billion people worldwide have seen Riverdance on TV.

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