Exciting News - Riverdance Summer School Dublin

Exciting News – Summer School Dublin

The Riverdance Summer School is nearly upon us, and for it’s third year in Dublin, one very important change has been made to the end-of-week Showcase. Riverdance Associate Director, Padraic Moyles is here to fill us in

This year, for the very first time, we are moving all of our end-of-week showcases to the beautiful and historic Gaiety Theatre. That’s right; every single student who’s taking part in this year’s Summer School is going to get the opportunity to perform on the Riverdance set, right here in the Gaiety Theatre.

As well as that, we will select up to sixteen dancers, aged between 12 and 17, to perform a very special number at the end of our matinee show, in front of our live matinee audience. What an incredible opportunity!

Week 1 is already sold out. So apply now for week 2, and remember…experience the original, experience the best, experience the Riverdance Summer School.

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