Riverdance takes on Halloween!

What a great week we have had here in the Shannon company. We spent a few days in the Rainy city, Seattle and rainy it was! I actually didn’t know that Seattle was known for  raining all the time, however we didn’t let a bit of rain dampen our spirits, a lot of us are from Ireland after all.

Seattle was home to Julia Gats. As you can imagine she had a lot of family and friends in to watch over the few days so the audience cheered that little bit louder and everyone was in great spirits and of course plenty of pictures taken!



Speaking of spirits…. It was Halloween! We had a fairly busy weekend of shows with having one show on Friday and two on both Saturday and Sunday so we couldn’t really do too much on the Saturday night. Julia just lived a few minutes from our hotel and her parents were so good to us by hosting a Halloween party in her house. Of course it’s not Halloween without dressing up so we decided that of course, it had to be fancy dress. We didn’t have a particular theme. Everyone looked amazingly well. It’s not easy trying to shop and make costumes while we are travelling a lot and performing at night time but we all ( even if I do say so myself) looked great! Haha. We had everyone from a chicken to the Jamaican bobsled team. I was on the Jamaican Bobsled team with Meghan, Maggie and Chloey from the film Cool Runnings. We ordered our costume online and got it delivered to our hotel in Eugene.




In Seattle, there was a shop right next door to the hotel selling cardboard boxes, how handy was that eh? Meghan had also gone to the dollar store a few days before and bought black table cloths and yellow and green paper to stick onto the side. We spent the Saturday night measuring,cutting and sticking the paper onto our homemade bobsled in between getting laundry done at the hotel but it turned out great, don’t you agree? Haha.




And the finished product….. What do you think??


A staff member at the hotel even came up to Chloey with an egg ( the lucky egg in the film) All the hotel staff and guests loved seeing each person come out of the elevator. Everyone had a little giggle.









We would like to thank Julia’s Parents, Patricia and Michael as well as her family and friends for a great time in Seattle and for all their hard work in organising the Halloween party! The amount of preparation that went into the night was unbelievable! So thank you once again! It was a night to remember.


       Challenge: Can you guess who’s whoooo???

We just arrived in San Francisco! I’ve been here once before but it was a very long time ago so I can’t wait to get out an explore this great city!


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