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Catch up with Sarah in the U.S of A!

I am writing this from my lovely hotel room in Boise. We had a lot going on this week and a long travel day today to kick start our American part of our tour!!
The day started out early ( well earlier for some) The company was split up into two different flight times. I was on the second flight so it meant I got a little more sleep. The airport experience today wasn’t as stress free as our initial flight over here. We had to wait a long time to get checked in and then security and immigration and all that jazz but that’s to be expected in big airports. We finally made it to the gate and as luck would have it the flight was DELAYED! We had another flight to catch so we were conscious of that but we needn’t have worried. We travelled back and forth with time difference so it worked in our favour and we were in plenty of time. We kept ourselves amused though by chatting, going for coffee and watching things on whatever device people watch things on.


Once again, me being afraid of flying the planes weren’t too big so I was nervous. It was all good though cause we had no turbulence! Phew! Each flight was short, the first being 1hour 48mins and the second only 52mins and then touchdown Boise. Guess what? The weather is glorious here! It smells like the smell you get when you get off the plane on your holidays! Some people might not get what I mean there! But any Irish person will get that smell of the heat. ( we don’t get many nice sunny days in Ireland haha) The hotel wasn’t too far from the airport so first port of call was food and then a chill out in the hotel. There is a gym and a pool and even a place to do laundry so that’s an even added bonus with all our smelly clothes! Some of us even caught up on x-factor from home! Ooooo the competition was fierce this week! Who’s going to win? Louise reckons Ben is. He’s her favourite! Haha.



We just finished off our time in Canada for the moment. Don’t worry though we will be back in Toronto next year so if you missed out this time be sure to check us out then! Calgary was a lovely city. We had a five show weekend which meant we couldn’t explore as much as we would have liked too but it was a really beautiful place! Calgary was also a special place for our guest lead appearance Ryan Mc Caffery. He preformed lead with us on Sunday night to a home audience which was really special for him and we loved having him back! We also had lots of friends of people’s in to watch and even two ladies who took part in this years Riverdance Summer School. It was lovely to see Erin and Katie. Crazy how we end up at their side of the world in a matter of months!




We have got a busy week, and in fact a very busy three weeks coming up with travel, shows and other little things happening so make sure to keep up with everything on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

North America so far!


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