Life on Tour.. - Riverdance

Life on Tour..

Life on the road brings with it a lot of free time. This week I’ve decided to give a brief insight into what some of the cast of Riverdance do in their spare time, apart from being tourists.

Orlagh and Fred, for example, are currently studying for their Irish Dancing Teacher’s exam. Individually, they are making up dances, learning traditional set dances and studying for the theory elements of the exam whenever they get the chance.

Siobhan is studying an online course in Personal Training.

Kincaid is working on developing an app for a new business idea.

Brendan is studying German.

Peta is learning how to play the ukulele.


Mitch is learning how to mix music… all of whom are teaching themselves from apps they have downloaded.

Many of the troupe are keeping diaries or scrap books to keep a record of each days events (which so far have proven to be very eventful).

Meghan has pretty much brought an entire library with her on tour. It is seldom that you see her without a book in her hand!


On the other hand it’s extremely rare not to see James Greenan jamming backstage. His most recent project being ‘LadJam’ where he created a video montage of clips showcasing all of the male talent Irish Dancing has to offer around the globe. Check it out on Facebook!!!

Chloey Turner and James Greenan have developed a new lifestyle called the ‘CJWay’. Their goal is to help the younger generation of Irish Dancers both physically and mentally through nutrition and fitness programmes. While on tour, they do a lot of work with the cast of Riverdance, holding various classes focusing on full body workouts. They have even developed some personal training programmes. It’s a great way for us to stay fit and acts as a really good warm up before the shows.


So as you can tell we like to keep ourselves busy while on the road and as a result the time flies!!! Week 7 complete.. We are now past the half way point of this China tour. Hard to believe!!!

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