Dancing on Sunshine.. - Riverdance

Dancing on Sunshine..

That has got to be the busiest week so far, but yet my favourite. As I write this now the sun is shining and everyone is in good spirits. Dublin really is so beautiful when the sun is out. At the start of the week I was busy again teaching the international students. The weekend was amazing.

On Saturday the outreach/masterclass programme took place in the Liffey Trust Studios. When I got up the stairs I was greeted by Laura, Oran, Julian and Kelly. There was a table set up with t-shirts and the new Riverdance jewellery range! Has anyone seen it yet? It is so beautiful…There are different charms for numbers in the show such as Countess Kathleen, Firedance and more as well as a longest line one. There is also a charm with a pair of heavy shoes which I think I will definitely get.


I came in to the studios a little later, at about 10.45 and when I walked in I was taken a back by the heat in the room! It was hot, it was noisy, it was sweaty and the Riverdance music blaring ( all the signs of great work being done)! I was so impressed by everyone that in such a short amount of time the dance was being done to the music. Although I wasn’t dancing, I still found myself moving my feet around to the music. It is just a natural instinct. The parents were eager to take pictures so at the end of the class they all got to come in to the studio to take videos and pictures of their son/daughter taking part in the Riverdance line. It was then time for question and answers with some of the cast that were involved with the teaching. It was great because the parents were involved too so there was questions coming from both the parents side and the students side taking part in the class. After that it was time to finish up the day with a group picture,one to one pictures and some autographs. Fair play to Padraic, Jason, John, Emma and Christina for all their hard work. They done a fantastic job! Everyone was on a high leaving the studios as they were all coming to see the matinee show straight after. So as you can imagine at that show the audience were going wild and everyone had a great time.


It was straight up to the Gaiety for the dancers as we had two shows. Before the first show myself, Brendan and Maria done a meet a greet with some journalists from the UK in relation to the UK tour which is going out in September and running until Dec. They were only too excited to see the show too.


On Sunday after the two shows some of the girls went to watch Birdy in Iveary Gardens. To be honest I only knew one or two of her songs but oh my goodness she was amazing! I was blown away by how young and how talented she is! I had never been to an outdoor gig either and the weather was so nice. We had a great evening.


For the two shows on Sunday we had some of the Cast of Dirty Dancing in to watch.. They are currently in the Bord Gais energy theatre and they had a day off. They left us such a lovely note and as we were going to watch them on Monday they asked if we would like to meet them after the show. We took them up on the offer and met the after. They were all so lovely, friendly and so interested in the show. It was good to be the other side of the curtain for once and the show was incredible. We are hoping to meet up with them again before they leave to go to Belfast for another three week run there.

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So there you have it! Another busy week for us here in Dublin. Keep them coming!!!


Masterclass 19 July 2014


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