In Dublin’s fair city - Riverdance

In Dublin’s fair city

After a quick pit stop in our own homes (for the majority of us that were away)  to refuel for a week, it is amazing that Riverdance are back in Dublin for the 11th year in a row to preform to a home crowd! What an incredible audience  reaction we have had so far. It gives me shivers and proves that Riverdance still enthrals and delights audiences over and over 20 years on. The first week is now over in a flash and what a busy but quick week it has been!

On Monday we had a day of rehearsals. The boys were in earlier than the girls ( they need more work than we do, haha I JOKE) to work on trading taps with our new tapper Darmesh! I am jealous of them now though, when we arrived into rehearsals we found out that Katherine Mc Phee had popped in to watch. She had met Natia, Pat and Katrina the night before and  they had become friends! I am a huge fan of Katherine and love her in the TV series, Smash. The series, set as a musical drama, follows a group of characters who come together to put on a Broadway musical inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately she couldn’t come and watch the show as she was just visiting Dublin for a short holiday on a stop over during flights but everyone that met her had nothing but good things to say about her.


Tuesday we had an early start for some press outside the Gaiety. We posed with a selection of vintage cars from the Irish Classics and vintage motor show with all proceeds of the vintage motor show going to The national Maternity Hospital and the Migraine Association of Ireland.  It was a beautiful day and it attracted lots of people outside the Gaiety who stopped to take there own photos. I bet most of the lads would have done anything to get their hands on one of them cars. I don’t know too much about cars now but they were gorgeous. After the press call it was straight back to work for a full run through of the show. Everything went according to plan and our two new members Darmesh and Edel, our new singer done an excellent job! True professionals and fit right in! The first show was also a great success and everyone was delighted with the performance.


Wednesday it was the official opening night. The build up to the show was great as many of the cast,crew and members of the Gaiety staff had someone they knew in to watch the show. We all met then upstairs for the opening party and had some food. It was also a chance for everyone to be in the same room and meet people from behind the scenes  that work in the office that you don’t usually get to see.

The shows for the rest of the week went to plan also. It was a tough but enjoyable weekend with having two shows on Saturday and two on the Sunday. On Saturday it was our Russian dancer, Alexander’s ( or Sasha as he likes to be called) 21st birthday. He wanted to keep it a secret but we surprised him with a cake ( probably the nicest birthday cake I have ever tasted) and new headphones to mark the occasion. He loved his present and had them wrapped around his neck as soon as the show was over.

Being back in Dublin is wonderful. The city this week has been buzzing with life and has put everyone in good spirits. No doubt having Riverdance there for the rest of the summer will continue to put smiles on everyones faces!

RIVERDANCE returns to Dublin to mark its 20th anniversary.


Time flies when you're having fun..