So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night.. - Riverdance

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night..

So there we have it, the Riverdance European tour 2014 with the Liffey Company has come to an end. Everyone is home and resting up after we have completed 142 shows, travelled to 59 cities, 10 countries, had 56 hotel check ins and god knows how many thousand kilometres travelled. Wow that is impressive. During the week everyone had been chatting about how fast the tour has gone and how it has been the best and fastest months of our lives. When we got our Riverdance t-shirts at the start of the tour and on the back of it it had all the cities we were going to be travelling to, we can remember looking at the third line and thinking to ourselves that we had so many more lines we to go through and now in the blink of an eye it’s over. Each and every one of us have had so many laughs and so memories from this tour that we will take with us forever and friends we will have for life.


It is kind of be weird to be home now and not have the regular breakfast club there, (no matter what time certain people got to sleep at they wouldn’t miss the most important meal of the day and would always be up in time for breakfast finishing) Being at home you don’t hear the regular daily questions like ‘what time is bus call?’ ‘what time is catering?’, ‘what time is rotations?’, ‘what time is warm up?’, ‘ do we have rotations today?’, ‘what time does breakfast finish?’, ‘ok so what time will we meet down in the lobby at?’, or ‘does this place have wifi?’ followed by ‘Shaun what’s the wifi password?’ ( if there was a password needed Shaun Kelly was the man to go to for that).

It is impossible for me to pick which city was my favourite although one highlight for me was Innsbruck. I will never forget the view from the top of the ski slopes ( even though the sun was splitting the stones and I forgot my sunglasses) the views were just amazing and I can still see the image in my head of it. Another city that sticks out for me was Gronnnigham when we rented the bikes and we didn’t know where we were going so we got to explore the whole city. Copenhagan was another city which I loved as the people were so nice and friendly and the great weather we had while we were there added to the occasion. Honestly there is just too many to mention. There has been so many funny moments too and a lot of them are to do with James, Callum or Patrick scaring someone by jumping out on them and it getting caught on camera. Poor Brian got the brunt of most of them scares! Callum worked very hard on composing an end of tour video. God only knows how many hours he spent putting it altogether as he had so many videos and pictures to work with. We got to watch it on a screen on our last night at the closing party and everyone was blown away by it. We have packed in so much stuff into the five and a half months we have been away, and I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have had the opportunity to do so and with such an amazing group of people too.


All in all, as much as we love each other everyone is glad to be getting home for a little bit to rest the legs. When you get home from a long tour there is nothing like it for making you appreciate lives little pleasures. Your own bed, a proper cup of tea in your favourite mug, TV that you can understand ( BBC world you are great but there is only so much you can listen to it) and of course the big one, getting to see your family and friends that you haven’t seen in so long.


It won’t be long until we are touring the UK and China so make sure to keep up to date with everything we are up to on the road when the blogs get up and running! Until next time, it has been an absolute pleasure getting to share my Riverdance European tour with you all!

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