Dancer Blog: Sharing is Caring - Riverdance

Dancer Blog: Sharing is Caring

Being on tour is all about sharing. On the larger scale we share our talent with the city we’re in and they share their culture with us. But on the smaller scale we’re all about sharing with each other. We share things as important as ideas and skills. For example a few of the boys have been teaching Rifat Gabudukhakov, one of our esteemed Russian dancers, how to Irish dance. Fiona Stone shares her make up tips, Patrick O’Mahony and Chloey Turner share their knowledge of work out tips and everyone shares their birthdays, most recently James Keating and Orlagh Carty.


We all shared a special moment this past week when one of Riverdances past leads Joanne Doyle came to the show with her family. She is a very inspirational dancer and we were all very excited to see her and meet her.


Touring is like having 40 siblings around and as an only child I think its tons of fun! I’ve shared everything with my cast mates from clothes, to extra space in my suitcase. From shower gel with my roommate so we don’t have to carry around tons of toiletries, to seats on the bus when someone wants to chat or watch a movie. One of the perks of being on tour is being surrounded by so many people with whom you can share any and everything with.


I’ve spent the last few months with this fantastic company and couldn’t be more thankful for all the amazing moments we’ve shared together! I have also enjoyed sharing my experiences with you guys via this blog and as Sarah Woods is taking over for me as blogger from this point forward I cannot wait to hear about the next few weeks and the moments she gets to share with you!


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