Life on tour with Dancer Meghan Lucey - Riverdance

Life on tour with Dancer Meghan Lucey

One of the perks of being on tour is all the sightseeing you get to do and this week in Austria did not disappoint. We started the week in the gorgeous town of Innsbruck nestled in a valley in the Alps. The view of the mountains from the hotel breakfast was something that cannot be beat! Some of the cast even took a trip up the mountain to enjoy a nice lunch at the ski lodges restaurant. There were even lawn chairs in the snow where you could sit and enjoy the view!

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Dancing on Alps

On our travel day to Vienna some of the troupe, myself included, decided to travel via Salzburg where the infamous Sound Of Music was filmed. There we started the day with a trip up to the old castle fortress and then went on a Sound of Music bus tour which took us to many of the landmarks they used in the film. We enjoyed a sing-a-long or two on the bus and I have to say that the hills were definitely alive with the Sound of Music!

Do Re Mi Steps

Stay tuned to see what the rest of our week in Austria has in store for us.. Including St. Patricks Day!

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