Watch as Olympic Skater Jason Brown hangs out with Padraic Moyles

We were delighted to see Olympic Ice Skater Jason Brown do a routine to Reel Around The Sun recently and especially delighted to see how popular it became around the world. As we write, the YouTube video has had 2,778,802 views.

Tonight we surprised Jason, who was having a special Google Hangout to talk about his routine, by having Padraic Moyles, one of Riverdance’s most loved and well known leads and dancers talk to Jason and tell him how his performance inspired and delighted the team here before our opening in Limerick this year.

Have a look at Jason’s reaction below – he also brings us through his Riverdance routine and answers questions from fans around the world.

Below, you can watch Padraic Moyle’s performance in Beijing in Reel Around The Sun, the same piece that Jason skated to:

You can follow Jason on twitter at @jasonbskates. Thanks to Josh and everyone at US Figure Skating for the invitation to participate.

Best of luck in the Olympics Jason!

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