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Statement from the producers of Riverdance


Statement from the producers of Riverdance Re: “Riverdance” dates in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine.

Abhann Productions, the owners and producers of Riverdance, the very popular global Irish dance show phenomenon wish to inform members of the public in the above named countries that advertising for a show purporting to be “Riverdance” for performances between Oct 22nd 2013 and December 1st 2013 is for a production that is in no way connected to, or authorised by, Abhann Productions, and has no association with the original authentic production.

Following are the dates of the fictitious Riverdance performances:
Vilnius: Oct 22, Riga: Oct 24, Tallinn: Oct 26, St Petersburg: Oct 27, Moscow: Oct 27 – 30, Nizhny Novgorod: Nov 2, Kazan: Nov 3, Samara: Nov 4, Ufa: Nov 6, Izhevsk: Nov 7, Perm: Nov 8, Ekaterinburg: Nov 9, Chelyabinsk: Nov 10, Tyumen; Nov 12, Tomsk: Nov 14, Krasnoyarsk: Nov 16, Kiev: Nov 19, Moscow: Nov 26 – 30, Minsk: Dec 1.

These shows have been put on sale using our name and artwork without our knowledge or permission and we urge anyone who is considering making a booking for any of these performances not to do so.

The next legitimate performances of Riverdance in Eastern Europe are:
June 10 & 11 2014 St Petersburg
June 13 & 14 2014 Moscow
June 16 & 17 2014 Kiev

Bev Slay
August 12, 2013

When are you coming to the USA ?

Virginia Esteves
August 12, 2013

Please come to Portugal. I watched the show in Dublin and it is just the best!

August 15, 2013

It’s a pity, but thank you for the information. When About a month ago I’ve asked a ticket office in Samara, Russia, why the tour is not announced on the Riverdance site, they did not gave an answer, only promised to request the show producer.

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