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Episode six: Julian Erskine

You can count on one hand the number of shows that have the longevity of Riverdance,” explains Producer Julian Erskine who has worked on the show since its Eurovision days in 1994.

The music, the choreography, the energy of the dancers is incredible and it brings people together. It’s accessible to everybody, people can forget everything for two hours and come out with a smile on their face.”

But, he admits, the crowds weren’t there in as big as numbers in the last few years and he tells Darren Casey why a major re-invention is needed for 2020 and beyond.

There has been a reality check,” he admits. “It’s time to give it a break, build it up again and go back out. After 25 years we need to bring the visual elements right up-to-date and present the show in a fresh, exciting way.

Also on this episode, Jack Quinn’s dancer diary is en route to Houston, Texas, with mixed emotions in the air.

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