Ciara Callanan Ryan

Ciara Callanan Ryan, a BA Irish Music and Dance graduate from University of Limerick, began dancing at the age of three under the instruction of her mother Anne Callanan. When Anne finished teaching in 2001, Ciara continued learning from Michael Ryan. She has since toured extensively with Dance shows such as Ragus – the show and Titanicdance. She has also shared the stage with such bands as The Chieftians, De Dannan and Téada. Ciara is seven times Provincial Champion, former European Champion and she is a World Championship medal holder for eight consecutive years. She also enjoys playing the harp, whistle and piano and has traveled the world performing with her father Sean Ryan. It has been a lifelong dream for Ciara to perform with Riverdance and she is delighted to be part of the Riverdance 25th Anniversary Show.