Introducing – James Keating and Darren Casey

Hello all,

Welcome to our first Riverdance Blog entry as we take over from Peter and Orlagh, here in Dublin. We will be taking you through the ins’ and out’s and comings’ and goings’ as Riverdance continues it’s 13th straight summer run in the Gaiety Theatre. Although both professional Irish dancers – with careers in the show spanning over 8 years – we plan to show you a side to Riverdance that you may not be all too aware of.  Considered by the entire company as cheeky, fun, and bold, we were extremely shocked and surprised at being asked to fulfil such a responsible duty. As always though, we will give 100% (just like we do on stage *wink face*) in ensuring our entries, video’s and social updates are enjoyable, informative and show you the alternate side to the Phenomenon. 

On that note; How do the company ACTUALLY perceive us…..

Bobby Hodges, Male Lead: ‘Loveable rogues, with a thirst for mischief.’

Emma Warren, Female Lead: ‘Funny, creative, Messers?’

Brendan Dorris, Dance Captain: ‘Great guys who I’ve had the privilege of touring with for many years.’

Orlagh Griffin, Stage Director: ‘Stand by…. ummm….. I want to say They’re essential to the company, without saying, they’re essential to the company.’ 

Anonymous: ‘They’re both Eejits’ 


What’s new this week?

A lot. 

After another successful 9 month tour of North America, members from the Shannon Company returned home. And by home, of course, we mean to the Gaiety Theatre. Our all male band were welcomed back to an epic reaction by the audience on Tuesday night. Here’s a little line on all four members:

Mark Alfred, our drummer, known as the self-proclaimed ‘BAM’. This quote sums up his playing style and importance to the show:  ‘I told the staff not to bother cleaning the chandeliers, because I’m planning on knocking all the dust off it….!’ 

The gentleman of all gentleman’s, Kenneth Edge, the bands musical director, returns to an unbelievable 10th consecutive year in the Gaiety, doing what he does best: Blowing his own trumpet. 

Matt Bashford, known as Bash, can do more with pipes than your average plumber. 

And not to forget the boy wonder, Pat Mangan, Fiddle extraordinare. He is also our very own touring DJ and goes by the name of DJ White Label. 


Obligatory conclusion….


Thanks for finding the time to read through our first blog entry. Stay tuned for more weekly updates on our social media outlets. We hope you all enjoyed our words, just as much as we did writing them. 


James and Darren.  

It’s Not Good Bye, Just See You Later!


24 hours of continuous dance in Dublin