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As I’m sure I’ve talked about before, while on tour we eat out a LOT. Every meal is consumed at a restaurant, cafe or bar and in a way this is a lot of fun and a great way to try new foods but sometimes we really miss having a kitchen. It is nice to be able to cook exactly what you want and the portion size you want at the moment. Some of our dancers have found a way around it and to make a mini kitchen in their hotel room. How did they do this? The answer is simple… they bought a George Foreman Grill!

I asked two of our biggest grill advocates Chloey Turner and Patrick O’Mahony about it and they said it makes their lives much easier and they feel better and healthier after cooking and eating a meal on it.


Each week they make it a priority to go to the nearest grocery store to the hotel. Frequently we will have a mini refrigerator in our room and when we do the feasts Chloey and Patrick can prepare are extensive. It is quite ordinary to get an invite to Chloey’s room, or “Cafe George” as she likes to call it, where she has prepared eggs and bacon on the grill complete with avocado, tomatoes and peppers. Chloey loves to share her healthy living style and has inspired some of us to go in on groceries with her and cook healthy meals with her after the show. Maggie Darlington is doing just that this week and so far they have cooked a few good meals on the George together including pork fajitas!


Riverdance-Blog-Home-Cooking-Away-from-Home-Chloey-and-Patrick-1 Riverdance-Blog-Home-Cooking-Away-from-Home-Chloey-and-Patrick-2 Riverdance-Blog-Home-Cooking-Away-from-Home-Chloey-and-Patrick-3

Patrick often talks about the delicious steaks and chicken he will make on the grill. When we are fortunate enough to have a microwave in the rooms he accompanies his meal with rice, beans, potatoes or any other sides you can think of. Fajitas are a favorite to make on the grill and we as a cast especially love when they have a little extra at the end of the week and invite us to help finish the left overs!




So this is one of our many little life hacks on tour that we do to make life on the road seem a bit more homey. And I thought I was creative having cereal and milk out of my giant Riverdance mug in my room when I got sick of eating out for breakfast. Or even oatmeal with balsamic avocado toast on the side.. But the George Foreman Grill has upped the game in hotel eating on tour!



What is your favorite recipe to cook on a small grill? Leave us some ideas in the comments to try in the coming weeks!…And no this blog post is not sponsored by George Foreman but if he reads this.. any chance of a free grill or two 😉 hehe just kidding!)

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