On the Road again…


Yay!!! We are back on the road and have kicked off our UK & Germany tour in Leicester. We haven’t been able to see a whole lot of Leicester to be honest but that is to be expected when first starting off a tour.

The name of this company is the Barrow company. To some people the names might sound a little strange but do you ever wonder where they come up with these company names? They are all Rivers in Ireland. Makes sense eh? The tour that is currently in the states is called the Shannon which is the longest river in Ireland and this UK and Germany tour is the Barrow. The river is the second longest river in Ireland, the River Barrow is a bustling, colourful navigation. The river runs for 192 km from its source in Glenbarrow in the Slieve Bloom Mountains in the midlands of Ireland to the sea. So that’s where the name comes from!

Riverdance UK TOUR Sarah Barrow

It feels great to be back on the road. I’ve never actually toured the UK before. I’m used to being in places that you have to change time zones or you have to try communicate with people who don’t speak English and things like that. It will be great!It is also easier for friends, family boyfriends and girlfriends to come and visit which is an added bonus.

We had lots of rehearsals to get the show in tip top condition and with a few but big changes. We have a new all female band which is exciting, we have a new number and some new cast members, some who weren’t even born when Riverdance became a global success. But more to follow on that!

Rehersals New Number


A question that we get asked a lot is how much training do we have to do?
The answer would be this, we have all grown up Irish dancing and most of us start dancing when we are very young. I started when I was 4 for example. Nowadays people also do other types of dance like ballet as it helps with the Irish dance side of things with posture and things like that, but for many of us here Irish dancing is the only type of dancing we have done and we have dedicated our lives to it. We have all done the basics and competed to the highest level. We come into the show with a lot of dancing experience but the actual training of the show could take a week or two of long days that are purely dedicated to learning the steps, working as a team, costume fittings, dress rehearsals and then the actual show. Once we are out on the road the show itself is enough exercise to keep our dancing up to the standard that is required and people go to the gym on the side and eat correctly. It is important to fuel our bodies correctly. Each day we come into the venue early enough to have some stage time in which we run the whole show to make sure everyone knows what places in each number they are doing, we get ready and then it’s time for warm up and then SHOW TIME!!

I look forward to filling you all in with our adventures in the UK and Germany!


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