Hotel Life

Life on the road can be exhausting. You are constantly moving and traveling and have early starts for flights and busses. But where do we get to relax and recuperate from our busy schedule? In a different hotel in every city! When I was growing up staying in a hotel was a luxury. It was reserved for special occasions like when we went to a wedding or a dance competition that was far away from home. As a kid staying in hotels was so exciting and I have to admit that it still is to this day.

Each hotel we stay in has a new set of things to explore. A different gym, a gorgeous lobby, a new restaurant to try. The fun aspects of hotel living on tour are plentiful. Every day there are fresh towels and sheets and you don’t have to make your bed if you don’t want to. Food can be delivered to your room after a show and there is usually a pool/sauna to relax in. One of my absolute favorite things about hotels is when they have a beautiful lobby to sit in and get a coffee while I read my book or write a blog. As a matter of fact that is exactly what I am doing right now!


Blog Riverdance hotel Computer-in-lobby


Most of the time we stay in really nice hotels. Our company managers always do their best in finding ones that have good reviews and are in a great location (it is key to have plenty of food options around!). It’s slightly annoying when we have a beautiful hotel in a great city because all we want to do is sightsee and barely get to spend any time in the hotel itself! Sometimes though we do have to stay in the middle of nowhere. These are the weeks we really take advantage of the hotels amenities such as the pool or even just sleeping in. We all know by the brand of hotel how comfortable the beds are going to be and have a running debate over which ones are our favorites!

Blog Riverdance hotelHotel-pool

Usually on holidays we stay in the nicest hotels. It really makes the holiday away from home special. Here is a picture of a few of us in the gorgeous hotel we stayed in over Thanksgiving.


Blog Riverdance hotel Thanksgiving

Sometimes the hotels give us tiny welcome packets to make sure we feel right at home!


Blog Riverdance hotel welcome-packet

Of course we miss home life while we are on tour. We miss having a kitchen, our own beds and bedrooms but we try to take advantage of one of the perks of our jobs…living in gorgeous hotels for a few months!

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