The Life of Reily

As many of you know we have a doggy addition to our tour. Reily is our masseur Keith Wards dog and he is the Shannon Company’s mascot. Reily has adapted well to tour life and really enjoys life on the road!


Riverdance blog Reily-Napping

Reily is not a morning dog. If allowed, he would sleep in until 1pm or 2pm! It takes him a while to wake up but when he does he is full of life and energy. Reily starts his day with a morning walk to explore the new city we are in. He likes meeting new people and chasing birds but isn’t a huge fan of the loud city noises. Reily prefers the great outdoors so if we are close to a park or a mountain or anything Keith will drive Reily there for a good long walk.



Reily loves checking into new hotels. He thinks that there is a treat behind every reception desk. Each new room is a fun place for him to explore. Sometimes he is even spoiled with his own doggy room service menu!


Riverdance blog Doggy-room-service

Riverdance blog Reily-with-room-service

During the show Reily hangs out backstage. Jesse White, our company manager, is his favorite person because he always has a treat for him. Reily also loves to help Kat Meske get ready for the show. He sits on her lap while she does her make up!


He loves to be wrapped up in clothes for a nap as well as wearing different coats and hats and even Kat’s Shivna crown!




Riverdance blog Reily-in-Shivna-crown

After the show Reily loves to socialize. He loves a party and would hang out with people every night getting belly rubs if he could. He really fits in with our touring schedule of staying up late. So there you have it, the Life of Reily on tour!



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