Our Wonderful Wardrobe Women

Do you ever wonder how all of our amazing costumes come out looking so well on stage night after night? Well we’ve got a wonderful wardrobe team backstage that make sure everyone looks great in each and every costume. This week I interviewed them to see what they get up to during a typical show day.



Meet Brigid Brown who has been touring with us since December of 2009. Brigid is our Wardrobe Mistress. She comes into work an hour and a half before curtain call everyday to get the local crew started on their various jobs. These jobs can include sorting laundry, hanging costumes, steaming costumes or even making repairs. Brigid then starts any repairs or alterations that need her attention. If there is a new dancer in the show this is the time she would make sure all of their costumes are ready and sent up to the quick change.



During the show Brigid makes herself completely available to anyone who could need her; for example any emergency repairs or even a wardrobe crisis! Sometimes things happen, people cannot find a costume or something rips or will not zip up and Brigid is always there to help. After the show Brigid stays one hour to make sure that all the laundry is being finished and sorted.




Next we meet Katie Dean our Wardrobe Assistant who has been with us since September of 2015. Katie also comes into work an hour and a half before curtain call where she first meets with the local dressers. She tells them who the leads will be and makes sure they know which laundry is coming out and where it needs to be delivered. Katie then goes around and distributes all of the clean costumes for the band, the tappers and the Russian troupe. After that she delivered clean towels to the bandstand and empty laundry baskets to all of the dressing rooms.



During the show Katie stands side stage. She makes sure that the leads and the troupe are dressed and ready to go. She is on deck to help if there are any costume emergencies that need to be tended to such as a stuck zipper or lost button etc. Throughout the show Katie has some cues.. she assists the female lead with her shoe changes and she also has a costume change with the fiddle player. After the show Katie collects all of the laundry baskets that are now full and takes them to the laundry room.

So there you have it, the wonderful women behind our amazing wardrobe!

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