The Incomparable Emma Doyle

Who is Emma Doyle you may ask? Well, she is our incredible stage manager. She is in charge of so many things backstage that I’m not sure how she keeps it all straight and always with a big smile on her face! This week I decided to find out a bit more about Emma’s life on tour.

On a typical non load in show day (more about load in’s in a future blog), Emma will get up, grab a smoothie for breakfast and go out and explore the city. She likes to make time to do this not only so that she can see the sights and learn about the different cities we’re in, but also to clear her head. She is in constant contact with people on tour so having alone time is very important to Emma. When she has some extra time Emma can be found training in the gym with personal trainer Chloey Turner. Working out, as well as reading and practicing the piano, really helps Emma to relax, clear her head and feel really good about herself.



After a nice meal it is usually time for Emma to head to work. Call time is an hour and a half before the show so this is usually between 5:30pm – 6:30pm. The first thing Emma does is mop and sweep the stage. It’s really important to keep the floor clean so that we dancers have the optimal surface to perform on and also so that the flooring lasts as long as it possibly can. After making sure the stage is set up and ready to go it’s time for the dancers rotations. Emma usually stays onstage during rotations to make sure all the stage spikes are in the proper positions and to lend support to anyone who needs it, whether it be the dance captains or the dancers themselves. After rotations are finished Emma completes one final mop of the stage then she’s done with all of her on stage jobs and the audience can be let in.



Now Emma turns her attention to the backstage area. She double checks that physio has ice, that there is enough water side stage and that all the props are where they should be. Emma’s next job is to make all of the calls from half hour to five minutes so that everyone knows the status of the show and can be ready to go when she says “Beginners” which means we have just a few minutes left before the show begins.



Once the show begins Emma’s job doesn’t get any easier! She is there for any and all problems that may arise. She is our go to person, if some one gets hurt she gets a first aid kit then radios to the Physio, if there’s a bit of tape or a button on the stage floor she goes and picks it up at an appropriate time, and even if we just need to talk or ask any questions she’s our go to gal! Emma always tries to resolve problems even before they arise and I think that she does a fantastic job of it. She even puts a bit of humor into it as well.This you can see in the picture below of a sign that was made to remind us not to walk in a certain area!



Sometimes on matinee shows Emma goes out front to the booth and calls the show. She says that she is very honored when she gets to do that and she really enjoys learning that side of things. Emma is amazing at her job and the show definitely wouldn’t run as smoothly without her. So there you have it… all that and a whole lot more make up the fabulous Emma Doyle!

The Fabulous Fox


Warming up and Stretching the Riverdance way!