The Things We Miss Most

This week in St. Louis MO we were lucky enough to have kitchens in our hotel rooms! This is definitely a luxury on tour and once we had them we realized how much we missed being able to cook our own food. On tour, as you know, we live out of hotel rooms so the majority of our meals are eaten at restaurants every single day. This sounds like fun, and we definitely have been fortunate enough to try some of the worlds amazing cuisines but sometimes we really miss being able to make exactly what we want, when we want it. This sparked the idea for my latest blog which is what we miss most from home while we’re away on tour.

The number one thing everyone misses about home is our families and friends. A day never goes by without someone telling a story about something their friends or families are doing at home. We’re always in contact and modern technology such as whatsapp, Skype and FaceTime have made touring a whole lot easier! But besides the obvious answer of missing our family and friends this is what we miss the most:

Lauren Smyth misses an Ulster fry with HP Sauce. She says there’s a certain type of bread you can only get in Northern Ireland that really makes that dish her absolute favorite. I bet it’s the first meal she’ll have when she goes home after tour!

Stephen Brennan and Emma Doyle miss kitchens the most. Emma and Stephen miss being able to cook and prepare their own food exactly how and when they want it. It certainly makes eating healthy a lot easier when you can go to the grocery store and buy only the ingredients you want!

Will Bryant misses having a good home cooked meal. I bet there are some delicious dishes back in Australia that we don’t have access to here!

Riverdance Missing Home 1

Gianna Petracic misses the beautiful summer weather from back in Australia. This tour is mostly during our winter here in the Northern Hemisphere so she’s going to be skipping the summer season from back home. Too bad our beaches won’t be as warm here as they are in Australia right now!

Riverdance Missing Home 2 Sydney-Weather

Julia Gats misses her favorite sports team the Seattle Seahawks. Of course she always supports them wherever she goes and she’s usually seen wearing a t-shirt with their team logo on it but it’s not the same as being able to go to a game whenever she’d like!


James Greenan misses the countryside at home. The wide open space with fresh air and gorgeous scenery is something anyone would miss!


As for myself, I really miss my car. Having the freedom to just get in my car and drive to wherever I need to be is a luxury I take advantage of when I’m home. On tour we rely on cabs, busses and our own two feet to get around so my car and the freedom that goes with it is something I definitely miss a lot. (Note the car pictured isn’t my actual one, just my dream car I rented while mine was in the shop for a week or two.. hey, a girl can dream right!?)


Riverdance Missing Home 5

What would you miss the most if you went away on a tour or long vacation?

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