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A Shoe Feet’ure


Our feet are our number one priority on tour. It is important to keep them comfortable and safe and to wear the proper shoes backstage so that we don’t step on anything. This weeks blog is a picture blog showing you all the different types of footwear we use before, during and after the show. See if you can spot our warm up shoes versus our day to day pairs!

Here is a collection of different types of warm up shoes we use backstage. As you can see some people prefer to warm up in running sneakers while others prefer dance sneakers or even slippers!



Here are some of the cast and crew during the show. Can you guess whose feet are in these shoes?






And these are some of the shoes we change into after the show is finished!


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Kathy Smith
February 22, 2016

I cannot imagine the pounding the feet and bones of a dancer endure. My daughters surprised me this past weekend by taking me to see Riverdance in Allen, TX. Something i had only dreamed of being able to do. As i watch, I could not imagine the work and dedication it must take to be a dancer. I admire you all. I enjoyed it more than any of you can imagine.

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