What the instructors say about the summer school.

For the 6 days of the summer school the students are immersed in Riverdance in it’s hometown of Dublin and they  learn the iconic Riverdance choreography from the show, taught by the Riverdance professional dancers. Learning from the best dance professionals in the world to understand what it takes to become the best.
During the 2015 summer school the instructors were asked their views on the school…….

We would have loved an opportunity of a summer school – a whole week to prove how good a performer and dancer they are

Emma Warren, Riverdance Lead Dancer

Doing well in competition doesn’t always translate well to the stage. That’s why (the school) is really helpful when we are looking for new talent.

Siobhan Manson, Riverdance Lead Dancer

(The school)  gives the dancers the opportunity to display not only their talent but their personality and their sense of professionalism 

Padraic Moyles, Associate Director Riverdance

They are in the hands of some of the best tutors and Irish dancers in the world. You can see – FEEL the excitement.

John McColgan, Director Riverdance

Embarrassing Moments


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