Embarrassing Moments

I’ve written a lot about what our favorite moments are onstage and during the show but how about our least favorite moments? Sometimes things just go wrong. We always try our best but mistakes happen, human error exists. This weeks blog is all about our most embarrassing moments that happened onstage in the show!

Maggie Darlington is most embarrassed about the time when she was dancing lead in China and fell flat on her face during Anna Livia after the front click! She got up and kept going but it was definitely painful and embarrassing.



Orlagh Carty ran to the wrong side of her wake partner the other day and she ended up getting locked out of the circle. She couldn’t get in so had to dance around the outside of the circle until it stopped! It was very funny for us but definitely embarrassing for her.



Emma Warren had an embarrassing moment in Heavy Countess one time. She had miscounted the entrance so walked out 4 bars too early! To fix it she walked back into the wing then had to walk right back out again to be onstage in time. It was very embarrassing.


Fiona McCabe’s most embarrassing onstage moment was when her wake corset wasn’t fastened properly so it opened up onstage and started to fall off! When it got down past her shoulders she decided to leave the stage during the house around in the Wake but her partner didn’t go with her which left him dancing alone while Fiona was off in the wing getting her costume fixed!



In Moscow, Russia Chloey Turner fell on her butt dancing Heartland as lead! She fell just as the male lead gestures to the female lead which made it even more embarrassing and then to top it all off the crowd all cheered for her when she stood up!



Darren Casey had a neck spasm during the head turns in Reel Around the Sun. He couldn’t straighten out his neck coming out of the head roll and had to turn around and dance the next step with his head to the side on his shoulder! How embarrassing!



Speaking of head rolls, Louise O’Sullivan was in the back pivot spot in the Geiety one time and started her head roll early. Very early in fact, even earlier than the first head roll should have been so she ended up doing three full head rolls in a row to catch up to her proper time!



Last but not least Andy O’Rielly’s most embarrassing moment was when he miscounted his entrance to the Wake and walked on to the stage a full 16 bars before he was meant to. He was the only person onstage for a good while before any one else joined him!



These are just a few of our most embarrassing moments that have happened on stage. Who’s do you think was the most embarrassing?

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