Looking after your Hips – Glute Activation!

Why should Irish dancers work on activating their glutes?

Irish dancing is a very quad and calf dominating sport resulting in little activation of the glutes. The glutes help to support your hips. If your glutes are weak they cannot stabilise which can lead to over compensation of other muscles creating muscle imbalances.
When dancing your hips have to generate and absorb a lot of force. Weak hip stabilisation can cause many issues including knee pain, shin splints, weak ankles, bad posture and poor balance.

When I was a younger, competitive dancer I had lazy glutes. I also had tight hips, lower back and hamstrings, as well as weak ankles. I certainly wouldn’t have been complimented on my elevation either. Since continuously activating and strengthening my glutes I have noticed a huge difference. I feel stronger. My other muscles that had to compensate are not as tight and I have more power.

In the following video, accompanied by lead dancer Bobby Hodges, I show you four of the exercises that have really helped me have more stability in my hips. As you can see these exercises can be done in any space, as we are doing it backstage before a performance.


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Music by Pat Mangan – www.patrickmangan.com
Video credit goes to Gianna Petracic.

Looking after your Hips!


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