Looking after your Hips!

There are many exercises you can do to keep your hips mobile. In this video, with Riverdance lead Bobby Hodges, I am sharing some of the ones I would do the most.

Why is it important for Irish dancers to work on their hip mobility?
Chances are if you Irish dance, either competitively or professionally, at some point your hips will be tight (especially hip flexors) and your glutes and the smaller stabilising muscles will be weak.
Not being able to move your hips through their full range of motion can affect your turn out, speed and power output.
I recommend you make time for hip mobility exercises daily to enhance your performance and lower your risk of injury.
Better hip mobility will ensure better glute activation (glute activation exercises will be shown in part two of ‘Look after your hips’)
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Music by Pat Mangan – www.patrickmangan.com
Video credit goes to Gianna Petracic.

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Looking after your Hips - Glute Activation!