Welcome Sarah!

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming Sarah Oldam to the troupe.
Sarah attended the Riverdance Summer School last year in Dublin.
Applications for the 2016 Summer School are Now Open on Riverdance.com/summerschool.
In September Sarah joined the Riverdance troupe for the flying squad gig on the Late Late Show with James Corden. This week she was here in Tuscon AZ to join the Riverdance tour. So I did a mini interview with her to see how she was getting on.


Upon arriving to tour Sarah said she felt a little nervous. She didn’t really know anyone outside of the summer school setting and we had all been touring together for so long she wasn’t sure how she’d fit in. Sarah said her nerves quickly went away as the first day went on because everyone was so nice and welcoming! I have to say that Sarah fit in perfectly and we absolutely loved getting to know her and spending time with her.


I asked Sarah which dance was her favorite and she said Light Countess. Ever since she was little it has been her absolute favorite dance to watch and song to listen to so she was thrilled when she got to actually perform it onstage for the first time.


I like to ask people when they first join the show when it hit them that they were actually in Riverdance and living their dream. In my case it was changing my shoes side stage listening to Firedance. In Sarah’s case it was when she was singing in the Wake. She said at that moment she had a second to look around on stage and out to the audience and that’s when it really hit her that she was here!


On behalf of the entire troupe we loved working with Sarah and hope to see her again soon!

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