It’s Christmas!!!!

Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated differently for everyone. This year everyone from The Riverdance cast made their way home for the holiday. This is what they would normally get up too if they are not on tour.

Myself,on Christmas Eve we would normally go to my dads parents house. All the family would be there and it would be a mad house with people chatting and laughing. I’ve also got some young cousins who are extremely excited who run around laughing and playing. On Christmas Day it is normally just myself, my brother and my parents in the house and we have a lovely dinner and chill out watching Christmas TV and people would visit the house in the evening. It is always such a relaxing few days for me.


Natasha- “For the Christmas holidays I spend it with friends, family and lots of food. We all hang out by the pool or the beach because it is summer time back in Australia. ”


Katie – “Christmas is always a special time for my family as we all live away from home. Usually we all travel home to spend time in Ennis where we grew up but this year we are all travelling to Sydney where my sister lives to spend Christmas in the sun!…I can’t wait!”


Patrick really goes all out in Christmas with the decorations, “so for Xmas we start putting the decorations up the end of November start of Dec it’s takes a while to put everything up and have everything lighting. I try and add to my collection every year and I try and buy a small tree decoration from all the big cities I visit. This year I’m adding 3 wise men, Sheppard and a camel and sheep and  possibly a Santa and sleigh. Now you can’t buy these in Ireland anymore so I’m heading to Chicago on vacation and I’m going to buy them there and bring them home. The indoor stuff takes about 2 or 3 days to have everything in place. Then Christmas starts for us. I’m an only child so being home for Xmas is amazing I have a lot of cousins that are like brothers and sisters to me so I hang out with them when I’m home



My nana was a massive Christmas fan and we do it in memory of her every year.”

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Greg- “Every Christmas Eve my family and my neighbours get together at the same house now for 14 years and we always have a huge dinner. It wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without that for me. Then on Christmas morning my family and I always start with breakfast before opening presents and then we get together again with our neighbours and play games, celebrate and have another amazing dinner.”


Bobby – We usually head out as a family on Christmas Eve either to the Christmas markets or to the cinema or bowling. And then relax on the actual day and just play games and eat all day. Followed by the whole family dinner on Boxing Day.


What do you get up to for the holidays? We would love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year from everyone in Riverdance!!




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