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What is Your Favorite Part of the Show?

For this week’s blog I decided to ask everyone what their favorite part of the show was. The resounding answer was that the buzz of performing and sharing our talent with the audience is definitely the best part. I asked a few more cast and crew members to give another answer besides that and this is what they came up with!



Dancer Aoife Kennedy loves visiting the physio room backstage to chat with Fioina McCabe. She says she always comes out of physio feeling better, whether it be because Fiona helped her with an injury or because she has learned something new. Aoife has a great interest in the subject and is always eager to learn, share and expand her knowledge on it!



Adam Lansing, LX 1, works out front through the audience, a lot of the time on tour and his favorite part is hearing the audience’s reaction as they leave the show. He loves to overhear which parts of the show were so good that the audience just can’t help talking about it as they leave the theatre.
Both Natasia Petracic and I absolutely love the music to Firedance and enjoy changing our shoes while listening to the number being performed onstage. I frequently catch myself randomly humming Firedance throughout the day, even when I’m not on tour! Natasia also loves dancing Anna Livia.



Matt Bashford’s favorite part of the show is performing Trading Taps. He says he loves that it is a big collaboration of all types of dance and music in the same number.



And Chloey Turner loves leading the cast in various exercises between numbers to help everyone keep warm, strong and toned!


What is your favorite part of the show? Tell us in the comments!

December 9, 2015

too hard to pick just one part! But I really liked the tap vs. the Irish dancers, and i liked the opening, that was absolutely stunning! The Russian dancers were amazing, especially that one move where the guys swing the two girls and it looks like they are flying! Ooh and the instrumental ‘duels’ are awesome too, I got to see Pat perform on his violin, oh my goodness he was AMAZING!! I would love to see him do a duet with Lindsey Stirling!
So basically the entire show was stunning and if you guys come near me again I am SO coming!

January 18, 2016

Loved the taping war. To see the two styles and the amazing foot work made my heart sing. 22 yrs of classical ballet 12 years of jazz and I am still watching the feet and arms of other preformers. Your company is amazing!!!!!

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