Coffee Makes the Tour Go Round

Many restaurants and cafes claim to have ‘The Worlds Best Cup of Coffee’ and as people who travel for a living we certainly have tasted a lot of them! Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee or tea? We definitely do here on tour. Whether it’s with breakfast or with a snack for some extra energy before a show, it is a common occurrence to have at least one cup of coffee or tea a day. As a matter of fact I am currently sat writing this blog with a hot tea latte in front of me!


Of course we love a good Starbucks when we see one and some of us even went to visit the original Starbucks in Seattle Washington. It is located in the hustle and bustle of the famous Pike Place Market and was first opened in 1971.



Washington state is really good for coffee because we found another amazing coffee shop called ‘Atticus’ in Spokane that we all frequented daily during our stay. Cast member Julia Gats recommended it to us and it did not disappoint! She used to go to ‘Atticus’ a lot when she attended school in Spokane.



Part of the fun of touring is exploring the local areas and getting to taste different things at local restaurants, coffee shops and tea houses. I asked Isaac Sheppard, coffee connoisseur, to tell me about the coolest coffee shop he’s ever been to and this is his story: He was walking in Hong Kong and was directed to this random building with a raggedy elevator and no signs anywhere. Following directions he buzzed into the building and made his way up to the secret coffee shop called ‘Reaction Coffee’. No one spoke english and the equipment all looked brand new and shiny like he was in a chemistry lab. He said there was a class going on that was teaching people how to drink coffee. He pointed to what he wanted and said the coffee was super fresh and delicious as it was just roasted that day. He loved it so much he bought some to take home and make later. That was the best cup of coffee he’s ever had!



If there is a coffee/tea shop within walking distance from our hotel or theatre chances are there will be at least one of our cast/crew members inside of it at all times! Having tea and coffee is very comforting and we often have tea parties in the hotel after the show to unwind from the day and to calm down for bed. What is your favorite tea/coffee place? Please give us suggestions in the comments of places to try for when we tour through your area!


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