Pack Your Bags!

This past week we did a one-night-only performance in Fresno, CA.  For myself and Fiona McCabe, this city holds a special memory as it was the very first venue we both made our Riverdance debut in 8 years ago!  The moment we walked backstage I was engulfed in memories.  I remember sitting in the wings waiting to go on 10 minutes before anyone else, as I was so nervous I would miss the start of the show!


Some of our cast has been a part of this amazing company for quite a while and have been fortunate enough to travel the world.  So I set the difficult task on them to choose the favorite city they’ve been to!  Here are the results!


Honolulu Hawaii was Jason O’Neill’s favorite city. He describes it as paradise and would love to go back because he dreams of being a surfer.



Gianna Petracic loved Edinburgh, Scotland the best because she felt it had a good vibe and the people were very friendly. She really enjoyed all the tourist locations and of course it being the birthplace of Harry Potter is a cool plus! Who doesn’t love Harry Potter?



San Francisco CA is Stephen Brennan’s favorite city because there was so much to do and see! He loves all of the incredible architecture and the history that the city holds is extremely interesting.



Andy O’Rielly has nothing but amazing things to say about Tokyo, Japan. To quote him “it’s the craziest, cleanest, most different, busiest, weirdest, most amazing place ever!” I’m not sure any other city can live up to that hype!




As for myself, the city that always first jumps to mind is Innsbruck, Austria. Not only was it picturesque and filled with history but it was nestled between the Alps which provided an amazing view of the town and all of the surrounding valley!

I count myself one of the luckiest people in the world to be able to travel as much as I do and would love to keep exploring as there are many cities left that I haven’t seen! Which city is your favorite? Have you been to any of the ones we mentioned?

We’ve already performed in 19 number of cities in our North American tour – be sure to check back here to find out which of our cities  has been our favorite in these last few exciting months!

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