Our pre show tricks to prepare for the show

We spend most of our time backstage preparing for the show. For some people this could mean coming into the theatre an hour before we go on stage for rotations and warm up, and for others it could mean only 15 minutes of prep time! There is no right or wrong amount of time so long as we look good and are properly presented on stage. I decided to go around and interview people on their pre-show routine and see what products they cannot live without before heading on stage!

Kat Meske says she starts her routine by applying Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. This is her favourite make up product because she says it feels like a second skin and not like she’s wearing tons of make up. Considering the amount of make up we wear for the show this sounds like a great product to use!

Kat Meske

Patrick O’Mahony’s go to product is göt 2b hairspray. It’s his favourite because the hairspray is so strong he never has to reapply! On those two show days this can come in very handy.. I’m sure it cuts down on prep time before the second show leaving him ample time to warm up and stretch instead!

Patrick O'Mahony

Ellen Bonner’s pre-show ritual is nothing without her back combing brush! She uses it for the much needed volume to make her hair gorgeous and stage ready.

Ellen Bonner

Gianna Petracic’s look would not be complete without her favourite lipstick ever: Kate Moss Rimmel London “Just Right Cherry 107” Matte. She says it is the perfect colour, not too red yet not too pink and the best part? It’s scented!

Gianna Petracic

Nobody’s look would be complete without the use of Chloey Turner’s infamous hair straighteners. She has had the same pair since her first tour in 2008 and it is not uncommon for them to be shared and passed around by the entire cast! We have all benefited from them, especially Chloey herself who claims to have frizzy hair.

Chloey Turner

So there you have it! Just a small peak into the daily pre-show routine of some of our cast here in the Shannon Company. Is there a product that you use every day?    Tell us about it in the comments!

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