Touring San Francisco… Riverdance Style!

Wow! What an amazing week we have had since my last blog entry. We got to spend the week in one of my favourite, and not just mine but a lot of the casts favourite city… San Francisco. I remember going to San Francisco in 2,000 ( if my memory serves me right, I could be wrong with that date) when I competed at the North American Championships so it was great to go back. With this job you just never know where you can end up going back to and with San Francisco it was a city I was very glad I got to go back too.

After a heavy touch down at San Francisco airport ( it was a little windy) we spent the evening chilling out. Myself, Meghan and Stephen were recommended by the hotel to go a restaurant called ” The Stinking Rose” doesn’t sound very appealing eh? It was yummy though. It was a restaurant where every single thing on the menu contained garlic! A heaven for garlic lovers.


The next day we had a full day off to explore the city. I had been to Alcatraz on my first trip but I could hardly remember it and I was really too young to appreciate it. I can remember walking around with headphones on for the guided tour…not following the voice and getting completely lost. This time I knew what to expect and really listened to everything that was being said. I was impressed too cause everyone that went on the trip really listened to he history and story about the prison. Afterwards everyone commented on how much they enjoyed it and that it was up there with one of there favourite things they have done on tour!







The weather in San Francisco was also a plus. It was a bit chilly on occasion but the sun was always shining. A lot of us rented bikes and cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge. It wasn’t as simple as just crossing the bridge though… As San Francisco is 95% hills we had a few of them to tackle first. After crossing the Golden Gate bridge it was all downhill then were sits the world-renowned waterfront community of Sausalito, California. The charming bayside city is home to a friendly, eclectic group of people that are passionate about their area. We parked up our bikes, grabbed something to eat and caught the ferry back with just enough time to make it to the venue for hair, make up and rotations.







People took time to visit the Haight Ashbury area, the painted ladies, Lombart street and the famous Miss Doubtfires house which many of us grew up watching as children. And of course it was a must to take a famous Cable car (or trolley) up and down the hills. Now that was an experience alright!









We had a great week in San Francisco and of course many more adventures to come over the next few weeks!!

Stay tuned!

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