Getting to Know Toronto!

Kevin Horton, Dancer, Boyne Company

The weather has been up and down for our entire time in Toronto. We thought it was going to be really nice temperatures and sunny weather, but were slightly disappointed with mostly rain and cooler days. However, there were some very nice days and that is when most of the cast decided to do there touring and sightseeing.

Kelly, Rocio, myself, and Laura at Centre Island

There is a gorgeous island just a short ferry ride from the harbor area of downtown. Within walking distance was the harbor with a dock for the ferry to Centre Island. There is a small community of homes situated on half of the Island, with the rest covered with breathtaking beaches, parks, boardwalks along the water, and views of downtown Toronto. Over a few of the nice days, a bunch of the cast took time before the show to visit the Island for some time in the sun. Some of us were able to rent bicycles and cycle around the Island for a while. I hadn’t been on a bicycle for some time, so it was interesting to see how that turned out. It went well, you never forget I guess, and we even witnessed a local woman go flying off of her bike! It was a sight to be seen, but she was okay, and we were just glad that we weren’t the ones with the horrible biking skills. We still had to do a show that night!!

About the bike along the water

The theater is situated right next to Dundas Square, which is a big open area with tables and chairs set up, and fountains that come up through the concrete base. It was hilarious to watch the kids run through the fountains on the hot days. We never got in, but did however try to push one another in to them! There were many festivals in this square throughout the weeks. Many nights we would come out the stage door and a concert would be in full swing, with crowds so big it was hard to get through.

Brendan, Laura, Andy, and myself as we are about to take on the subway system in Toronto

I can’t believe we are coming up to the end of our time in Toronto and the end of our tour. The past 5 months have gone by so quick, but there is still time in Toronto to see what we have missed. Next, I will share some other fun things we have been getting up to here…


Our 5th split week in a row!!


Flying Squad Performance in Martha’s Vineyard