1 January
The Riverdance troupe celebrates the New Year by performing at the first outdoor New Year’s Eve Festival in Dublin’s city centre.

After 16 years of continuous touring for Riverdance in North America, much of the time with two touring shows, producer Moya Doherty announces that the final Riverdance North American performance will take place in Wolf Trap Virginia on 17th June 2012.
Since its North American debut in March 1996 in Radio City New York, Riverdance has performed almost 6000 shows to an audience of over 12 million people in North America. The show has toured extensively in all of 52 U.S. States from Alaska to Hawaii, and in 9 Canadian Provinces as well as undertaking 3 tours to Mexico.

7 February
The final leg of the Riverdance Farewell tour begins in Dallas Texas. Riverdance performs in 82 North American Cities from February to June 2012.

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