Riverdance Music from The Show composed by Bill Whelan

  1. The Heart’s Cry [audio:10-year-cd/2. Riverdance The Heart’s Cry .mp3]
  2. Caoineadh Cu Chulainn (Lament) [audio:10-year-cd/4 Caoineadh Cu Chulainn (Lament).mp3]
  3. Firedance [audio:10-year-cd/6 firedance_vbr.mp3]
  4. Riverdance [audio:10-year-cd/8 riverdance_vbr.mp3]
  5. American Wake (The Novia Scotia Set) [audio:10-year-cd/9. American Wake (The Novia Scotia Set).mp3]
  6. Lift The Wings [audio:10-year-cd/10 Lift The Wings.mp3]

Riverdance Music from The Broadway Show composed by Bill Whelan

  1. Endless Journey [audio:broadway-cd/Broadway endless_journey_vbr.mp3]
  2. I Will Set You Free [audio:broadway-cd/Broadway I_will_set_you_free_vbr.mp3]
  3. Let Freedom Ring [audio:broadway-cd/Broadway let_freedom_ring_vbr.mp3]
  4. Lift the Wings [audio:broadway-cd/Broadway lift_the_wings_vbr.mp3]
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