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A Week of Goodbyes

Our amazing job has many perks but there is definitely one major downfall, having to say a lot of goodbyes. This week a few of our Liffey company members are leaving. In the lighting department we say goodbye and thank you to Tom Elbertse and Paul Elbertse and welcome back Robin Kloppenburg and Saskia Zijfers. Wardrobe says goodbye to Eimear Farrell and welcomes Nicola Burke and the dancers say goodbye to Peter Wilson but welcome Stephen Brennan in his stead. Saying goodbye to friends is never easy but at least we have excuses to travel around the world to visit them in the future!


This past week the Liffey Company also said goodbye to Germany where we saw 22 different cities in 10 weeks! We had a lot of fun adventures in Germany and I cannot wait to go back and visit a few of my favorite places again. But its goodbye Germany for now and hello Holland! I for one am looking forward to seeing all that Holland has to offer.

John Lonergan said goodbye to being underage (in the USA anyway) last week… He celebrated his 21st birthday in Hamburg and it was definitely a night to remember! Birthdays away from home can be hard but after a quick Skype call home, John was ready to celebrate the night away with the cast. Our stage manager Dennis Grasse also celebrated his Birthday in Hamburg!



No matter how many tours you do goodbyes are never easy, whether its saying goodbye to your friends and family, goodbye to a different place or even goodbye to a favorite pair of shoes or a phone charger that was left behind in a past hotel! (we do a lot of packing and unpacking, its bound to happen!) Goodbyes are a part of life and I’m glad that all of my goodbyes are followed with a hello.. goodbye to one friend, hello to a new one; goodbye to Germany, hello to Holland!

Marian Meyer
April 22, 2014

thank you all for the amazing show in Amsterdam it was great and fantastic we enjoy it verry verry much we hope to see you all next year again in Holland

Jacob keppler
April 24, 2014

I wish you was tour buffalo agian

May 9, 2014

Yes, say goodbye it´s very difficult. Since your last show in Lyon, I am so sad. It´s like I was fall in love with your troupe… Each day I go on the Internet to see you again on youtube and to read your blog ; I am so jealous of not be one of your riverdancers. It´s strange for a french man to say that your show makes me want to learn english…to discuss with you. I have also looked for an Irish dance school but there is none in my region.
In brief, your show makes mad but it´s so spectacular (we feel you are proud of your dance and your incredible musicians help you to convey your pleasure).

Bye bye.

P.S: I will proud and happy to tell you “hello” in over message if you answer me (and sorry for my english)

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