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Keeping up with the Cast and Crew on Travel Day

Ever wonder how we get from place to place? Or how we survive all that traveling? Well look no further because I’m here to answer all of your questions! Travel day to us means a long journey on a bus. Sometimes the trips are a short 2 hours, but other times it’s a solid 8 hours before we reach our destination. This means the bus becomes our second home and many of us have set up seats with sleeping bags, pillows and blankets to make the journeys as comfortable as possible. But what does everyone do all day on the bus? Well that’s exactly what I asked 50 members of the company after the last travel day. Here are the results:


The most popular answers were sleep and listen to music however once the morning nap is over and the iPod runs out of battery thats when the real fun starts. Lots of people use the time to catch up on TV shows and movies. Several people play games like connect 4, poker and solitaire. A few in the back of the bus even have a rock-paper-scissors tournament to determine who has to go down and tell the bus driver to turn up the AC!


Some people use the time to get some work done. Dance captain Brendan Dorris writes out rotations, Pat Mangan makes DJ mixes and head of wardrobe Mary Sheehan will go over her work notes. We have a few writers on board as well. Most in their diary but two of the cast are writing a film and a play! Some people even like to practice other talents on the bus. For example James Greenan practices his guitar, James Keating practices drums and Peta Anderson practices her singing on the lower deck while Brian Shinners serenades us on the upper deck!


Its not all fun and games though, there seem to be a good handful of people who fight over legroom with their neighbors, poor Brian Shinners seems to be woken up each journey by a prank, while Laurie Small our Company Manager said all he does on the bus is worry!

As for myself, I enjoy a travel day spent on the bus. Once I wake up from my nap I’ll sit and watch the scenery go by while I dive into a good book. Looking forward to our next bus journey to Hamburg where someone in the troupe will celebrate a major birthday! Stay tuned to find out who…

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